Need to Tourist vehicle

As Babus auto designing traveller alteration in coimbatore Consider your transportatinal needs. Do you need a comfortable car, a neat truck, full-size van vehicle or mini-vans? What are your physical auto mobile limitations? What will get affect your ability to access a vehicle or driving needs?

What is your needs or ability to transfer in and out of a vehicle?

Will you prefer LCD or DVD for travelling entertainment?

If you require a lift arrangement what options will you prefer? Side door lock or rear door entrance/exit, body alterations, vinyl floorings, dash board alterations and many more.?

Tourist vehicle modification features involves:

  • Driver cabin design
  • Mini cooler fitting
  • Night vision camera arrangement
  • Intercom phone services
  • LCD, DVD, Bass Tube, Inverter fixation
  • Sofa cum bed for comfort travel
  • Luxurious Upholstery
  • Kitchen tables
  • Working tables
  • Tea stands
  • Water tank usage
  • Wash basins
  • Bathroom cabina
  • Portable mobile toilet
  • Sliding doors

Tourist vehicle

Are you in need of a lowered flooring or raised top and doors? Will you be able to drive from a wheelchair or use a powered seat? Will you need special arrangements and modifications, such as body and interior comfortable decorative yet digital painting etc.

For all your above mentioned transportation and vehicle modelling needs Tempo traveller alteration in Coimbatore such as Babu's auto designing will provides you with the best suited vehicle designs and re modelling in tourist categories, business transportation needs, leisure vehicle drive, tour or hospital service vans or in special purpose category, check out our vehicle modification in Force Traveller or in branded Winger Motor vehicles, contact Tempo traveller alteration in Coimbatore.