Tempo Traveller Caravan Interior

Caravanning process from Babus auto desiging will involve many steps and there can be many things to be considered- as our customers will expect exit in adventurous, relaxing and may even involved during their travels.we here andwe will gives you the ability to do whatever you choose and go wherever you waned to travel.The friendships you make whilst doing just that, makes the tempo traveller caravan interior in coimbatore lifestyle as so appealing. It's not all about the long trips either you prefer your weekends away that are very great for winding down after a tough weekof work, Babus auto designing will offer you tempo traveller caravan interior with much amenities like.

Caravan designing features of Babu's auto designing

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  • Driver cabin design
  • Mini cooler fitting
  • Night vision camera arrangement
  • Intercom phone services
  • LCD, DVD, Bass Tube, Inverter fixation
  • Sofa cum bed for comfort travel
  • Luxurious Upholstery
  • Kitchen tables
  • Working tables
  • Tea stands
  • Water tank usage
  • Wash basins
  • Bathroom cabina
  • Portable mobile toilet
  • Sliding doors