Tempo Traveller Caravan Interior

Mobile ATM Vehicle modifications for the modern mobile "banking facility" provide an economical means of servicing your contracts while providing employees with a pleasant roomy work area in a self-contained unit. Standard vans can be equipped with expandable tops, while parcel trucks provide optimum space requirements. For self-contained or electrical hook-up trailers provide the necessary security.

Modifications can include generator, sanitary facility, computer table area, customer table and chair, swivel chairs, and custom interiors, and more. For all your above mentioned need, babu's Automobiles provides you with the best suted vehicle designs check out modification in Force Traveller or in Tata Winger Motor vehicles which turned in to Mobile ATM's.

Mobile ATM designing features

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  • ATM
  • Computer place holder
  • Lap top points
  • Customer and office revolving chairs
  • Lap top points
  • Interior fibre works
  • Wood works
  • Curtaining
  • Inverter, Battery, Generator
  • Matt covering
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Lighting
  • Berth
  • A/C cabin
  • Vehicle Body designing
  • Digital painting
  • Body stikering
  • Vehicle front modification
  • Front bumper alteration
  • Back bumper modification
  • Foot boards
  • Sliding door
  • Side runner guard
  • Front glass shades
  • Mirror covering
  • Door shades
  • Wheel cups
  • Vehicle Body designing
  • Flaps